Bulldozer De Gallos. America’s Favorite Chicken Vitamins!

Our respected breeders who tried and are now loyal BULLDOZER DE GALLOS users are one in saying they get great breeding results using my chicken vitamin. It makes me happy everytime they tell me the big changes before and after using BULLDOZER DE GALLOS. Then, they had high mortality rate and produced unhealthy chicks. Now it’s the complete opposite. They now have very low mortality rate and produce healthy, nourished chicks. And BULLDOZER DE GALLOS is very economical thereby saves them lots of money.
Imagine 4 capsules a week for 40 chicks that’s only 0.64 cents/chick. In other words, it’s $2.56 a month for 40 chicks… THEY HAVE ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS AND ARE MADE IN THE USA …you cannot get any better than that! BULLDOZER DE GALLOS boosts the chicks’ immune system and you are then assured they will grow healthy and strong.

REMEMBER HEALTH IS THE KEY WHEN IT COMES TO RAISING CHICKENS ..AGAIN YOU WILL ONLY USE THIS PRODUCT FROM DAY ONE UNTIL THEY ARE 4 MONTHS OLD. FOR ONLY $2.56 per 40 chicks…after that you can use it for maintenance 2x a month if you will, to ensure their happiness and great health.